Internet of Things

We bring multiple skillsets for IOT solutions, in which everyday objects have network connectivity, allowing them to send and receive data. And to build the databases, data management systems and analytics platform for collecting, storing and analysing data generated by connected devices.

Mobile Application

Whether you need an engaging UX or want to unleash the power of smartphone sensors, we can handle it.


We deliver pristine, cross browser friendly web applications leveraging state of the art HTML5 / CSS3 features like local storage, svg, canvas, streaming, animations and more.

Enterprise Software

Need a custom software for your enterprise? We can deliver secure and robust solutions to manage your big data and business logic around that.

Artificial Intelligence

Our research team has expertise in Deep Learning, Natural Language Processing, Object Tracking and Recognition, Neural Networks, Big Data Analytics and other Algorithms. Do you have the next generation idea? Are you looking for the right team to take on the challenge? Get in touch with us.

Virtual Reality

With our expertise in visualization, image and multimedia processing, which is powering the next big thing in consumer experience - Virtual Reality. Whether you want to develop immersive content, solve a VR UX problem, or build with the next generation game- we can help you.

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