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                About Us


                Wuhan Zhenguang Technology Co., Ltd Wuhan Zhenguang Technology Co., Ltd., located in Wuhan · China Optical Valley - Wuhan University Science and Technology Park, is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the R amp; D, production and sales of optica...
                • Optical mechanical R & D

                • Product selection

                • Professional custom design


                CUSTOMER SERVICE

                • Quick Response

                  In the face of quality problems reported by customers, it is necessary to reply within 24 hours and help customers solve problems at the first time
                • Value added Services

                  While customers enjoy the company's products, the company actively provides customers with technical support, new product recommendation and the latest market information to maximize customers' interests
                • Transpositional Consideration

                  From the perspective of customers, think about customer needs, effectively solve problems in products and services, and let customers rest assured


                SCOPE OF BUSINESS

                Hubei,Henan,Shenzhen,Beijing,Guangdong,Shanghai,Germany and other cities...


                QR Code

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